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With a regular telescope you'll see the moon and planets… with the Unistellar Enhanced Vision Telescope™ you'll open a window to the rest of the universe.

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Turn Light Amplification on and the system will use its low-light sensor to accumulate light through a series of short exposures. The resulting image is projected into the eyepiece as the accumulation occurs, which means that once you start Light Amplification, you’ll see something, but the object will keep improving with time.

Depending on observing conditions (light pollution, moon phase, weather, etc…) and the objects you are pointing at, it can take from a few seconds to several tens of seconds for you to start seeing the beautiful colors and shapes of galaxies and nebulae normally invisible directly through the eyepiece of a regular or even a high-end telescope.


Our system instantly recognizes objects in your field of view by comparing them to exhaustive databases of tens of millions of stars. It can then display names and information about what you’re observing (size, distance to Earth, etc.). Field Recognition also means that our automated tracking and pointing systems are super accurate.


We’re working with a former member of the United Nations workgroup on planetary defense and near-Earth objects on a feature that will allow users to participate in important science: connect yourself to an asteroid watch network and you can gather data to help index and characterize asteroids, including those potentially harmful to the Earth. We are also exploring other exciting applications in partnership with the SETI Institute.


Light amplification means that a small telescope can also be powerful. Our telescope is so small that you can carry it in a backpack!

Unistellar at Marseille Observatory

Leo Tramiel, co-inventor of the Commodore PET, shares somes comments after coming to one of our demos





EvScope v1The all-integrated portable Enhanced Vision Telescope™

detail view eVscope

Back, eyepiece and mount details of the Enhanced Vision Telescope™